Klover: First Kill

Nov 20 2012

Klover got ahold of her first kill today, a squirrel.

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For Her

Nov 18 2012

We all have our stories.  This one belongs to Brandie Wills, a single mom in the Navy.

For an interactive story about Brandie Wills, Click Here.

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TIME Magazine Cover

Nov 16 2012

For my Intermediate Photography Course, I was asked to make a TIME magazine cover of myself, using inspiration.  The following is my cover:

Xander Gamble TIME Magazine Cover

For a side-by-side comparison, here is my cover and my inspiration, Bill Clinton’s cover:

Xander Gamble and Bill Clinton TIME Magazine Covers

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Christmas Card

Nov 11 2012

For all of my friends and family, and for those that wish to be well wished, here, I have created Ashlee’s and my Christmas Card.  It’s interactive!

Full size can be seen here.

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Flash Test

Nov 10 2012

This is a test to see if I can have my Flash projecct directly inputted onto my Blog.  And it works!


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